Published Papers

Making (Global) Criminal Procedure: Empire, the End of Justice, and the Rise of Efficiency PDF

Fishman, N.

Honors Thesis Submitted to the Stanford University Department of Sociology, 2021

Change We Can Believe In: Structural and Content Dynamics within Belief Networks PDF

Fishman, N. and Davis, N. T.

American Journal of Political Science, 2020

Systematic characterization of generative models for de novo design of regulatory DNA PDF

Fishman, N., Shrikumar, A., Marinov, G., Kundaje,

International Conference on Machine Learning, Computational Biology Workshop, 2020

Fleeing from Terror: Considering Safety When Designing Public Spaces in the Age of Mass Murder PDF

Fishman, N.

Stanford Journal of Public Health 7(1), 2018

Working Papers

The Segregation of Interaction

Looi, W.,* Pierson, E.,* Villanueva, B., Fishman, N., Chen, Y., Sholar, J., Redbird, B., Grusky, D., Lescovec, J.

Deep Ecological Inference PDF

Fishman, N. and McAuliffe, C.

SimDNA: a library for simulating regulatory genomic sequences

Shrikumar, A.,* Fishman, N.*